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6 Influencers You Should Be Following on Social Media
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6 Influencers You Should be Following on Social Media.   Everyone needs a little support¬†sometimes. Whether it’s motivation, or tips and tricks, our journey can be easier if we find role models and someone to look up to. If you … Read More

How to think (and work) Like A Boss!
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How to think (and work!) like a boss for the rest of your life! Call it sheer luck when I connected with Becky over at Facebook. I quickly told her how I wanted to offer my insights with the cool … Read More

7 Takeaways From One Year of Business That Was Built From Scratch
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By: Vicky Law ***KEEP GOING EVEN IF NO ONE SUPPORTS YOU*** It’s almost a year since I started my own business. It all began ¬†on Facebook. . I had no website. No portfolio. No leads. Nothing. . How the hell … Read More